Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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ARMs Alive

It’s interesting how much can happen in a few weeks! It’s also a lesson in patience, perseverance and faith. A good number of times, the reason why it’s not working is not because things are not done right, it’s just that the time has not yet come. There is indeed time for everything!

ARMs?? What’s that? That’s African Role Models. A vision that was set to start in 1999. The entire concept of ARMs was to augment the university curriculum in such a way that students will graduate from these higher institutions of learning armed with resources to compete successfully in the corporate and business world.

Two years ago, a friend and a brother I’ll remember forever was commisioned and delivered a key milestone, the development of www.arms-ng.com website. Shortly after he came to my house to show me what he had done, the tight fist of death took him on a high horse to heavens gate- I’m talking about Abimbola Fashua (legend). A lot of progress had been made over time, but only now are we beginning to see significant progress. As I speak, ARMs has been inaugurated in 10 higher institutions in Nigeria, all within the last 10 days. A number of dedicated men and woman, made this happen. For the records, their names are Dayo Ayeni, Femi Ogundoro, Ola Daramola, Seun Olajide and Temitope Akinyemi…and of course though from the sidelines, moi!

The vision is that this year alone, we will not only be present in over 60 institutions, our presence will be felt. We’ll be organizing seminars, having competitions, sponsoring business ventures, fostering cooperation and partnerships for small businesses e.t.c. all on the wings of ARMs. It will require a lot of work, a lot of commitment, but Nigeria and Africa will benefit from these small ripples that are gathering strenght and speed.

Well, I felt you should know how much progress had been made on that. The only reason we can recollect history accurately was because wise men wrote, I guess I’m trying to make my own contributions….

ARMs is alive, it’s taken a consistent dream, it’s taken time, it’s taken able bodied human beings, but it’s alive. The machinery has been developed to develop young Nigerians and Africans. I am happy!

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    What does it take to partake in the ARM dream?What is the mission and vision of ARM.
    I sincerely wish to be a part of it.Raising Role Models,ministering to young lives and ministering in your own little way.

  2. The vision of ARM is not one that should die, not when you have us to send.
    Here am I, send me!

  3. Whats the current status of ARM chairman? The vision must be kept alive…

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