Sunday , 16 June 2019
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A Week in My Life

Key activities in my week – 26th of September to 2nd of October .


Went for an early Sunday service. I split my time in two, spent the first service in the adult church and the second service in the teens church. We returned home after the second service, rested and spent some time reviewing my work and life also read, chatted, prayed and meditated. Got involved with the house fellowship meeting in the evening. Spent quality after evening fellowship time in meetings with friends and ministry partners. Guests left my house after 11pm, had a late night, and then resumed the regulars.


Of course it was a Dollar Green Monday, with Avenues to Wealth/ Holidays and Cash, Mondays are green. Developed an update for Avenues to Wealth members, had a burning theme in my heart on – “it’s not all about you”. Realized the value of having someone else to help, and the effect it has on minimizing one’s personal problems. Commenced with negotiations with company interested in online promotions of about to be launched product. Had the regular Monday one to one meetings, read, meditated, prayed… also with my wife. Had a late evening out. A friend and distributor had scheduled a meeting with Rev. Victor Adeyemi on Avenues to Wealth. I was in his house till very late. Got home around 11pm. Spent quality time doing my regulars till usually 2am. Started creating awareness for the charity event slated for Friday.


It’s tagged Avenues to Wealth/H&C day. Had to do school runs in the morning (been doing that for a while now). Resumed in the office to get some work done, A2W meetings take from 11am to 3pm of my time- meeting and meeting after meeting. Rushed off for school runs, and continued work at home. Stayed late doing the regulars – the regulars is spending time with H&C leadership on new updates, aligning with direction for the company, creatives on new ideas, sorting back log on emails and reading)


I call it Apapa day! I spent a great part of the day in Apapa with some colleagues and the Apapa Local Government Chairman and his team. We attended a flag off with him of a Flour Mills/Apapa LGA project. We also spent quality time brainstorming with him, on Apapa and how to get more done. I was quite impressed, in my estimation he had done more than 70% of the Governors. 31 roads in 21 months, new medical hospitals, community projects, e.t.c. Was there till 5pm. Commenced the online A2W meeting online at 5pm, did it mobile as I headed for Ikeja. It was a fulfilling day, started getting relevance in the Government mountain, a seriously desired mountain.


This is my typical office work day. Met with a few distributors, a few suppliers, a few partners e.t.c. It was a hectic and long day in the office. Had the kids join me in the office from school, and we headed home together at the close of the day. Delegated the leadership of the Charity event for the Independence day activity to a worthy leader – Olaolu Daramola. Got home, to the regulars 🙂


It was two things. Charity day, and then My son – Ara’s Birthday. It was a full day for me. We (My family and Avenues to Wealth distributors and friends) spent quality time with the Children at the orphanages, the events took from 9am till getting back home at 6pm. We played, danced and celebrated with the children in Little Saints Orphanage, and A2W (company and distributors) offered to tile their floors, paint their hall and refurbish the kitchen. I was very happy at how popular I was at the orphanages, the children could remember my name… I had been there often. At the Heart of Gold Hospices, we were moved to tears with compassion. 90% of the children had disabilities, and the caregivers gave them attention 24/7. Most of the children where on their backs in the cots all day! We were able to identify a child to support, Joshua Solomon (actually solomon, MTN has Joshua). He needed cosmetic surgery for a major bilateral cleft lip and palate challenge, by God’s grace we are going to take him and a nurse to India for surgery.


Dashed down to Abeokuta in the early hours of the day for a seminar. Had a great time, it’s been long I presented the A2W opportunity to prospects :). Spent quality time with them, and headed back to lagos for 4pm just in time for meeting with people who had deals on the privilege pack. Finished quite late, and am currently in my car heading home. Decided to respond to all those who volunteered to be involved with creating a child abuse movement. People who responded to the post – “He got away with it”. The week is about to end. I’m heading home for the regulars… sure there are items that are not in the regular that could also have their own title of regular. Below is the mail I sent to respondents. If you are interested you can respond as well.

“Hello Friend,

You are getting this mail because when I wrote the article – “He got away with it”, you responded and indicated a willingness to be involved.

I am wrong in making this assumption, please feel free to ignore this email. If however you are interested in deliberate steps we are taking to put an end to this evil, then contact praise via email or his phone number, to request to be carried along with the details of our first meeting as a group.

It may shock you, but some NGOs working on this are more money driven than value driven. What we want to put up is a system capable of putting an end to this scourge. Being a part of this will involve commitment, time, money, resources, relationships e.t.c. Our vision is to save our society, if we fail, we would have made a lot of difference in the lives of hundreds of children, if we succeed, we can indeed count millions.

Since having these thoughts on our minds, God has opened some doors to us already. Some government agencies have called us and given us a mandate to support them while they take the costs. We know more doors will open when we commence! Don’t miss out on the first meeting. Dial Praise or mail him today!

His number is below, and his email is in the “to” box. (

08037269483 – Praise Fowowe

Thank you for being a part of Change!

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi”

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  1. Wao thank you CM, it is an honour for me to serve always, I hope I did well. No be small thing, people go dey jealous say my name dey your post.Lol

  2. This is simply grace at work period!
    CM was it Joshua or Solomon that we wanted to assist?

  3. What a balanced busy week. I pray you have more of such Better Rewarding Future. Well done.

  4. I feel like writing a post on my week too. The problem is- it wasn’t so fulfilling. Sometimes we get so caught up working that we become work machines and just live to work. Thanks for the post! A timely reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed, shared and appreciated.

  5. @ Solomon,

    Thanks for reminding me, it was actually Solomon that we are helping. Joshua already is being sponsored by MTN I hear. He has a conjoined anal area.

  6. Whaoooooooo….Deolu, what a week schedule, quite busy but all the elements are very inspiring, thanks for sharing and Enjoy your Sunday too before the regulars…lol

  7. thanks deolu, this is personal i got to know about ur office & group with the NNC thru cliff clarke .who was using part of your office b4.i benefited knowing about ur group e.g land-deal 1,thanks alot.but cliff clarke is owning me money in his personal bizness.pls help me with his gsm no or help me get him 2 respond to regards & God bless U. Happy birth day 2 Ara in areas

  8. Deolu you are not only talking the talk but walking the walk.
    What I figure out in your sharing your week is that your being busy should not be an excuse to dicharge your regular blogging responsibilities to we your bloggies.
    That you undertake all these things I consider awesome.You show and prove when there is a will there is a way.May the Lord continue to renew your strength the eagle.You shall not tire,you shall not faint in Jesus name.Amen

  9. More power to your elbows, you are simply awesome!

  10. Outstanding week! Thanks for sharing and letting us know that we can get even more out of 24hrs… God bless.

  11. Leadership by example !!!

    I’m impressed !!

    More Grace for you in Jesus name !!

  12. It was so instresting to learn time management,and it challengegs me. i believe i will try and make up.Thanks.

  13. CM,I thank God for your life,like someone commented,what an amazing grace of God upon your life,Please pray for such endowment upon our lives as ur fans so that we can always lift up ur rod like Aaron did for Moses when the need arises.

  14. CM, you’re an inspiration!

    You have always been. God bless you.

  15. CM, I’ve always been baffled at how you are able to do so many things consistently & simultaneously. Apparently, I never knew the half of it… I am inspired with the fact that every single thing was with a purpose & part of a plan. Thank you!

  16. CM this is a clear prove of a man dt has d hand of God on his life like Elijah dt out-ran a chariot,U are a special breed.i missed d fun on friday am stil in Owerri,thak God 4 baby Solomon.pls include me in d list of “he got away with it”.

  17. @ All,

    Thanks for all the comments. I pray to be able to empty the cup still, and rearrange the contents. If we don’t put the stones in first, we might never be able to fit them in again. The stones are those important things in our lives, that just are not urgent yet.

  18. this is really great

  19. What a fulfilling week!!!Well done sir

  20. De-congest your week a little. You are still a young man.

  21. Now, I see…. hmm….I’m learning!

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