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10 Lessons from Obama’s Victory

1. Hope triumps over Fear. Obama came with a message of hope Mccain with a message of fear. Hope won, and still wins. Whatever you are facing, your hope will win your fear, when fear is high, tune hope up.

2. Our defining moments are preceeded by two waves of preparation. Obama became a celibrity in 21 months, but if he had any scandal in his life in his 46yrs, those 21 months would have revealed it. He prepared lifelong, and prepared just in time. Many atimes we focus on the just in time preparation, assuming that life will set us up for what we have never prepared for. From the time you became responsible for yourself till now, what have you been preparing for? The world doesn’t meet anyone half way, you want it, you’ve gotta go for it.

3. There is spot for all of us to stand and move the world. Obama’s clear spot was public speaking skills. He knew how to connect with his audience and move them with him. Where is that spot for you, where you can stand and move the world. In the exhiliration resulting from the discovery of the lever system, Archimedes is quoted to have said, give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world. We call can, if we find our spots and perfect it.

4. No man is an Island! Obama’s victory is the openning of a new chapter on a struggle that started many years ago. Obama is the answer to the work and clamour of the past (the Buker T Washingtons, Rosa Parks, W E B Du Bois and Martin Luther Kings of this world), the present (his campaign team, family and vice) and the future (all those who believed). No matter how good you are, you are not going to achieve much on your own. Who are you leveraging on, who are you working with. Who is your past, who is your present, and where is your future.

5. The same way you are loved, you will be hated! Go to google and type the words Barack Obama + Character, and you will see for yourself that Barack Obama is as hated as he’s loved. There are too many articles clearly showing him in bad light. Obama had millions of American’s that voted against him and were not happy that he’s president, he led popular votes by 5million votes. No matter how much majority votes you get, you will still have people voting against you. You can’t please all in this world, don’t try! Let it be sufficient that you have the courage of your convitions, and you as much clarity to your close circle.

6. The Internet is Powerful, get accomodation there. Obama was able to use the internet to create awareness and also raise funds for his campaign. Barack Obama was able to raise about $640million for his campaign, according to data on the internet as well, he still has close to $66million unspent. The internet is a powerful use, that everybody under 40 today must master or use to be relevant in the future. The internet hosts the most expensive real estate in the world today. Do you have a website? Do you belong to a social network? Are you internet savvy?

7. The most reliable support you’ll ever get are people, not organizations! Out of all that Obama raised, $579 million was from individuals. He got endorsements from a few companies, but his major support came from individuals. I was at an NGO funding lately where we were clearly told the same hidden truth. Stop wasting your time with those companies looking for sponsorship, go out there and meet your family, friends and foes. If a corporate supports you, it’s because there are people there that believe in you. Don’t underestimate the individuals.

8. There is time for everything! There are many things that worked for Obama that wouldn’t have worked 4yrs ago, and wouldn’t work in 4yrs time. There were a number of factors that tipped things in his favour almost overnight. The Economic depression, and the perception that it was the failing of the current republican government, the Sarah Palin factor, for all it’s worth, e.t.c. It was just the best time to have featured. In what you are gunning for, there is time for it. God’s time is the best.

9. Marry your Friend, Invest in your family. The family is a bit young, but with the way they are close knit an involved, I forsee a beautiful home for him. For all my single friends out there… do something! Don’t marry for marriages sake, marry someone that can go far with you.

10. Yes we can! We can rise from Obsurity to Prominence. We can rise from being a lecturer to being the president. We can rise beyond the prejudices of our race, we can rise beyond the classification of our nation, we can rise beyond our limitations, beyond history. Yes we can!

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  1. Lesson learnt….
    Most people celebrate and forget the knowledge that lies underneath,

    This is very educative..

    Note lessons 1,3,5,7,8…..(9)


  2. Yes we can, but i won’t forget lesson 9.Marry right it is your future.Be careful in taking decision concerning your future,you will spend the rest of your life there.

  3. Beautiful points.

    Check this out too!

    Obama Win Is Management Lesson to All: Welch
    Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential election should serve as a management lesson, as he opened up new “markets” during his campaign, former General Electric CEO and management guru Jack Welch told CNBC Wednesday.

  4. 10 great points well captured! Its instructive and inspiring.
    I can be all i want to be if i dare myself to!
    Thumbs up!

  5. Great Article!all the points are taken but point nine is very vital, as Lady Macbeth led to Macbeth’s downfall, so First Lady Elect Mitchell contributed in no small measure to Obama’s victory, She was the approval he needed to go out there and show the stuff he was made out of, Destiny beckoned but a helper of destiny was there to help answer the call of destiny!…i will end it this way with a quote i got from my friend Sylvia an american ….
    ‘Rosa Park SAT for Martin Luther King to WALK,King WALKED for Obama to RUN, Obama is RUNNING for our children to FLY”!indeed its the dawn of a new era with help from helpers of destinies both past and present!

  6. was really impressed by this write up, not only because it is something which I believe but also because of the level and the depth of analysis contain therein that is conveyed through deoluakinyemi style of writing

    You may one day become aother Napoleon Hill or Norman Vincent Pale or better still another OBAMA!

  7. Absolutely!

    Preparation is very important, and timing is very, very important.

    BO surrounded himself with a team of the best in policy makers and though many of his campaign inner core are not known nationally, they were people that are well prepared. This is one of the main reasons why he won the primaries and eventually the presidency. Barack’s team new how the system works, they new the importance of the caucuses during the primaries, and the importance of spreaading their tentacles to seemingly unreachable republican safe havens during the general elections.

    We must be knowledgeable in whatever platform that we are going to use in changing our world.

    Thanks for another nice piece chairman.

  8. Phillips Aboluwade

    Great piece Sir. Yes we can if we believe n work for it. Behind everything that is working, there are people working it.

    The lessons are well noted and i strongly believe there is hope for our great nation, Nigeria and the entire continent of Africa.

    There shall arise among us people who will turn around this continent!!!

    God bless u my Oga.

  9. Spot on Deolu, thanks for summarising some core points for us to digest properly. You’ve just opened my eyes with lesson 1, it’s an absolute truth.

  10. The lessons from Obama victory are
    many,which can’t be learnt in a hurry.
    Particularly for the black race in general
    that will can achieve anything in life
    irrespective of our colour and our background.

    Up Obama.


  12. Another food for thought.

    Point nine…the second most important decision in life, after the decision to serve God or not.

    Great lessons indeed!

  13. Great piece Deolu, every point is important, but i like point 2, don’t get involve in what may hunt down your dreams tomorrow, if we know this we will live right, with no hidden insect in our cupboard. There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.

  14. Thanks a million as usual. Always something constructive to note out of everything. Lets learn the the lessons and we will be glad we did

  15. A mentor of mine had the following to say.

    President Obama – Lessons of Success
    I really don’t care too much when it comes to voting in the US presidential elections because, frankly, I’m Canadian *smile*. But the story of Obama is a modern day story of success that repeats again and again for those who understand the principles of success.

    Here are three of those principles based on Obama’s rise to Presidency today…

    One: Not everyone has to vote for you
    A very successful man once said, “I don’t know what the secret to success is, but I do know the secret to failure: trying to please everyone.” You do NOT need everyone to vote for you, you need the majority (and in the case of entrepreneurs, a small minority is enough to make you a million bucks).

    Stop trying to cater to everyone. Don’t try to please old and young, rich and poor, Republicans and Democrats… focus instead on those who will vote for you in life. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you.

    Two: Just because no one has done it in the past, doesn’t mean it cannot be done
    When setting out on your goals, you may not find anyone who has done what you are planning to do. You may incorrectly come to the conclusion that it cannot be done because of the past history. But remember: every creation of Allah has a beginning.

    And once it has been done once, it will be easy to duplicate.

    If your dreams are something that hasn’t been done before, then let me give you the glad tidings that when you succeed, in sha Allah, your victory will give “permission” for other leaders to imagine what is possible.

    Three: Don’t listen to the nay-Sayers
    I was listening, last year, to “experts” commenting on the presidential election, and I distinctly remember the “expert” explicitly point out how America would never ever elect an African American to be their President.

    I wonder what that “expert” is saying now.

    Take intelligent counsel but always put your heart into what you are doing. In the end, if you open your mind and listen to your heart… you can’t go wrong, in sha Allah.

    I vote for you! Now go do something amazing today.

  16. Great work Deolu, it takes a great mind to articulate great things and share same freely.

    I say it’s time to dream, dream and keep dreaming, it cost nothing to dream, just dream.

    If you are committed enoough to your crazy dream (crazy because that is what you may call it sometimes) you may one day be standing as the next “Obama” of your dream.

    Ten great points, very inspiring and well noted.

  17. Giving the right social climate, and intellectual pressure interspersed with a track record of moral rectitude, the world becomes a template for an enterprising individual to showcase his ‘wares’ to the admiration of men across spectra! What a big lesson in time for Africans; a big challenge for the youths, and my fellow compatriots. Thumbs up-Adeolu…your piece is highly motivating.

  18. I’m Inspired and challenged! Thanks for the insight.

  19. hi sir,

    Doing things inline with your passion helps you thrive in your natural habitat. The way you apply events and happenings are always apt and filled with lesson. if only we can spent less time in idle chats, chennel O, Mtv; watch more of CNN, Discovery, TVC documentaries, read BLOGS like this we youths will be investing in out lives just like Obama did in his Life.

    YES WE CAN, lets start today, it is never too late.

  20. Great is the speech. From day one I saw this OBAMA guy
    on CNN, I knew he is got it up there.
    Personally, he has fired the inspiration fire in me .Just anything is possible but YOU!!

  21. 11th lesson: ‘go start something’.
    If Obama never acted on what he knew, he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. Its hi time we stopped accusing our leader of bad leadership and got involved in the process. Go start something. Yes We Can.

  22. Thanks for the 10 lessons. So Inspiring and true.

    God bless

  23. Whao, great lesson. I was privileged to listen to BO on the morning of his victory make his speech and one thing that kept ringing in my heart was: DREAM BIG, AIM HIGHER and then INVOLVE GOD. I have learnt that no matter how rough the background is (for it is really a rough environment we live in here in Nigeria), you can become anything you desire and God ordained you to be. it is really the Audacity of Hope. this guy is really audacious, i salute his courage.
    Deolu, God bless you for this. I am circulating it to my colleagues immediately, because i know we need to learn from this “daring” man.

  24. YES WE CAN,thank u 4 d inspiration.

  25. Thanx for this piece.

    May I mention a few points. Personally, I believe that the most important of these ten lessons to Nigerian youths and others is the Lesson 2, let me quote a part of it “Obama became a celebrity in 21 months, but if he had any scandal in his life in his 46yrs, those 21 months would have revealed it”. This behoves us to check our characters of today ‘cos they may lay ambush for us in future.

    One other lesson I personally learnt is the power dreams. Never be afraid to dream dreams, even if it doesn’t come to pass in your own time, there’s a time for it as long as it is true and seminal.

  26. My contribution and utmost realisation from all the Obamnia “fever” is that it takes just “ONE” to cause a change.
    Be it one man, one woman, one boy or one girl. Once such a person sees the need for a change and sets out to achieve it, history can always be made.

    Obama has done it, form henceforth, any ohter person will counted as the 2nd Black President.

    1st is always Best. No doubt.

  27. @ Osama,

    I beg to disagree with you wholeheartedly 🙂

    1. It never takes just one to cause any change. It could start with one, but it doesn’t take one. Obama was nominated, and required too many other people to cause change.

    2. 1st is not always the best! First is good and sets the pace, but 1st is never always the best, in fact more often than not, it’s not! Is First Bank the best? Was the first Lagos state Governor the best? What do you mean by best?

    We need to embrace collaboration, together each achieves more.

  28. Spot on Chairman,

    Infact the good book says better is the end of a matter than the beginning…

    The first is unique, but made better by the subsequents…

  29. points 5 and 6

    the same way you are loved by people you are also hated by some, trying to please everyone is very dangerous, please your life and people would love you for who you are.

    exploration of the internet and turning those exploration time into productive hours also very neccessary, u would not believe what the net can do for you legally

  30. We can truely be whatever we desire and determine to be.Obama had good attitude and it helped him to.Thank you for this,sir.

  31. yes we can and we will. obama’s victory is on everybody’s lips. its amazing but one interesting thing i learnt from his life is never underestimate yourself. your creator God has given to you all you need for success in life. in short, the seed of greatness has been planted in you. i love the guy so much. he isnt a miracle worker or an evangelist but i watched on tv as he was speaking how people were crying. the guy is an epiitome of hope. may God take us farther than where we thought we could get to.

  32. You have captured these points of truth accurately. President Barrack Obama is an epitome of excellence, an exemplary pillar for all Africans to continuously focus their attention at. Yes Obama is!

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