Joseph Principles 4 – Serenity

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The Serenity Prayer is simple – God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Many times we spend ourselves in worry, fear or anxiety, when God is behind the scenes of our lives and making things work out together for our good. No need for worries, they are advance payments on problems we may never own, no need for fear, they are false evidences appearing real, no need for anxiety, we are meant to be anxious about nothing – instead of anxiety pray.

The peace of God is designed to be the umpire in our hearts, helping us decide what to do per time. Joseph understood this principle and put it to good use.

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Joseph Principles 3 – Godliness

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People can relate with you for 5 years and not be certain about your faith and conviction about God, not Joseph. You can keep business separate and call it secular, and have another segment of your life called spiritual, not Joseph! Joseph’s life was 100% spiritual and 100% secular. He was real with his world about His God! His Godliness principle was not a card to be used in duping people, neither was it something he threw out on Sundays, it was his life. God was truly his beginning, end and centre.

Let your Devotion to God be evident, and ensure that you please Him. Godliness manifests in the fear of God, absolute trust in God, Love of God, Seeing from God’s perspectives and God centeredness.

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Joseph Principles 1 – Responsibility

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The episodes on the life of Joseph have been quite revealing. The lessons from his sojourn from the plains of Padanaram to the elevated position of prime minister are chronicled under the “Where are You?” Series here. You can also catch a glimpse of the Joseph story here.

While it is interesting to benchmark the key stops and stations in our lives with the P’s in Joseph’s life, what is more interesting is to observe the principles and habits of Joseph that make it easy for him to navigate and make progress. By mastering the principles of Joseph, you can experience the blessings so evident in Joseph’s life.

There are about 8 key principles evident in the life of Joseph, today’s principle is what I call the principle of responsibility.

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August Specials – 10 days to go!

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Joseph Principles 2 – Clear Vision

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This principle states that once you have a clear vision of where you want to go, that vision has within it a force that makes the vision come through. Where this is different from the system of the world however is that our dreams are not invented, they are received. Let God give you a glimpse of your future, let that be your dream. Don’t give your self a futile ambition, receive what God has in mind for you. Ensure that your dream is part of God’s grand design – you are not your own. Once your mind captures this picture, everything else around your life is designed to support your journey to your foreseen destination.

Once the vision of your future is clear, document it. Divine vision is potent, it carries the power for it’s own fulfillment. It converts everyone you meet at every junction in your life into a helper. Without a clear dream, you are truly helpless. Having clarity about your destination physically as well as in life qualifies you for help.


Here is how Joseph manifested this principle

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Changing the Order of Things

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Sometimes when you think you have got it all locked down, something funny happens.

Joseph was his fathers favorite. He had a coat of many colour signifying the hope and promise that his father believed would become his reality. He also had a dream from God of greatness and leadership. How much better can things get on the plain where all men are born equal?

The next events of Joseph’s life didn’t seem like the natural next steps. From tending the Pastures for this Father in Padanaram, he’s plunge into a Pit of hopelessness, sold into slavery further down into Egypt and Potiphar’s house and soon to Prison, before things began to ever look up again into the Palace. Joseph spent years in the hands of discouraging events, he was locked down in despairing realities, but while Joseph moved lower and lower, something was rising, something was happening behind the scenes of the seemingly hopeless drama!

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