Who are you Following?

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Who are you following?

The first ministry charge that Jesus gave was simple and straight to the point. It wasn’t attend my “Church”, he had none. It wasn’t become “A Christian”, it wasn’t a term he was used to. His first charge was very simple, straightforward and still relevant today – “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” What Jesus looked for, and is still looking for is not congregation members, it’s followers. In converse, the question to you is not who is your pastor? Which ministry are you committed to? Where do you worship or where is your warship. The key question, is “who are you following?”

Before you rush to answer and say – “Jesus of course”, let’s quickly lay down what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

1. First, the parameters identifying followers is quite clear, even from his first statement and charge. – “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. This implies that the proof of following is what you are made into! You cannot claim to be following Jesus, if after a few years, you have no record of becoming a fisher of men yourself. It means the proof of your followership, is that you also have become someone creating followers with followers. It’s “Follow me, and”, it’s not follow me, maybe, or follow me, or. A direct consequence of lining up behind Jesus is having a few people lined up behind you, and a few people lined up behind them. Let’s be very clear, if nobody is following you, you are not following Jesus! Matthew 4:19.

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Lessons from 1st Samuel – 1

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In our Ecclesia (meeting of called out ones) meeting today, we decided to study the book of 1st Samuel together and share lessons from it. It was quite exciting, watching people read their Bibles and digging into the wealth of treasures in it.

We learnt a lot of things, and have we have always admonished ourselves, those who hear and do nothing, are building, and those who hear and act, are also building. The difference in what they are building is not different in appearance, it’s only different when the storm comes to test the foundation of each man’s work. These lessons are not learnt, until they have impact on your behaviour and actions! The scriptures were written for our learning and correction, as you glean from these lessons, may your life never remain the same again!

Lesson 1: On Prayer!

You can pray every year, and pray daily if you like. God does not hear your prayer until it is in line with His will! You see, it’s not about you! It’s about God and his purpose, and about finding a way to align with it!

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When Should You Thank God!

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When is the best time to thank God?

1. When there is a challenge and you have got God’s word on it. The moment you have his word, the seasons have changed and you can praise him. The psalmist says “ I rejoice at your word like someone who finds great spoil”. Getting God’s view about your problem or challenge is already a prize.

2. When you are in the heat of battle! When you are in the eye of the storm. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God. One of these weapons is thanks giving! In 2 Chronicles 20, Israel goes to War at God’s command with a choir band. As they began to sing and praise, the Bible says God brought confusion upon their enemies, and they each helped to kill each other until they were all dead. When we sign and dance in the middle of battles and challenges, God deploys His troops on our behalf. The victory imminent is matchless.

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If it is to be, it is up to me!

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Leadership is responsibility! Sometimes it is not bestowed on you, you just have to look around and take it! Whenever I hear the comment making the rounds these days about A2W being my business, I truly feel honored and proud. All I have done, is handle the business of others, like I would mine! I feel really complimented when others genuinely think it’s mine, the truth is, I probably wouldn’t be able to do things better if it was actually so. I belong to a kingdom that runs by stewardship.

I learnt a value from my days in P&G, that value is called ownership! It says to handle the company’s resources like they were yours. That value struck a point with me, as it resonated with clear instructions in the Bible. Luke 16:12 – “And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?”. The passion which drives me is to help others, take responsibility to make things better and the strong desire to be found faithful. The truth also is that when you are faithful with little, more gets committed into your hands. 

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gods in the Church!

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An Idol worshiper turns over to God, and the first clear act of repentance you see is the burning of all his worship symbols and literature. The old way is gone, and he/she embraces the one true God. God cannot be sought by half measures, once someone realizes the authenticity of the message of Christ, they turn around. For there is no other way, by which man can be saved, save through the Son.

Idolatry is defined in the Webster English dictionary as “immoderate attachment or devotion to something”. In the context of the Bible, idolatry is the universal tendency to something or someone in the way that hinders the love and trust that we owe God! Idolatry is a tendency possible with anything that satisfies us outside of our God and King. It is an act of theft from God whereby we use some part of creation in a way that steals from honor due to God. Idolatry conflicts with our putting God alone first in our lives, in what we love and trust. In idolatry we put something or someone, usually a gift from God, in a place of value that detracts from the first place owed to God alone, the gift Giver. That thing or person is an idol.

Today, I will love to talk about 2 idols currently taking a major seat in the Church of God!

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Jesus is not an App!

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The world does not get Jesus, and unfortunately neither do many people who claim to be Christians.

Jesus did not come to introduce another religion, far from it. He was totally against the grain of religion, and differed greatly from all of them. All religions have teachers who point the way, Jesus came and said – I am the Way. All religions have 5 pillars, 8 principles or 7 pathways. Jesus said Follow me! All religious teachers and icons, died, Jesus died, resurrected and stays alive till eternity, in a pathway that is worthy of following! We know for a fact that all who follow Jesus shall live forever! Jesus didn’t come to start another religion, he came to start a revolution! His target wasn’t a day of the week, he wasn’t meant to be an addition to our already filled lives. Jesus came to take over, and redefine our lifestyles.

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