How Much Do You NEED?

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A mentor of mine told me that all that he was given to start his journey out was 3 Shillings. With 3 Shillings and God’s blessings, he now enjoys a fortune.

Another mentor of mine says all he had when he started out was N10, today he controls billions. God’s blessings are also evident in this life.

I know of a man, who got a start up of N500,000 and is the richest man in Africa today.

Different starts, similar destinations. They had one thing in common, they were hard workers. They were determined to grow what was in their hands, not depend on stipends for life. They didn’t get all they wanted, but they dared to start anyway.

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11 days to Win An Ionizer Cup

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This Update is specifically for people who got a direct mail from me about this opportunity with their names on it. This is not for everyone who visits my site, but only to those I sent a direct message about this to already, aside of this.

If you are already bronze and above, then find out who your team members are and inform them about this promotion.

If you are not yet bronze, then you can become bronze over the next 11 days (July 4 to July 14, 2014)and win An Ionizer Cup worth N12,000 personally from me.

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30 Day Discipleship Challenge

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The last 7 days of my life have been really exciting and impactful. I have managed to read through the books of Matthew and Mark, in a bid to complete the New Testament over the Next 30 days! I am also excited that a number of people who are following me as I follow Christ are on the same 30 Day Challenge as well. It’s exciting to realise that many people have really never really read their bibles. We are such experts at quoting scriptures like the devil – for our own use, and out of context!

The last 7 days have been eye opening and it’s been quite a great experience to lead people towards the truly important things. It’s so alarming that current Christian culture runs totally contrary to the philosophy of Jesus Christ! I don’t even know from where to begin to explain it to you, save asking you to join us in this amazing ride as well. If the devil has read the bible, and you haven’t, then be rest assured that you are probably sitting pretty in the devils reserve bench as there is no need to even bother about you.

Lessons from Brazil vs. Germany

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1. All things are possible – Nobody could have predicted the goal lines of Brazil vs. Germany at the Semi-finals. It was nothing like was ever recorded in History. The closest was Brazil-Uruguay in 1920. This set a new benchmark for possibilities. Never say Never!


2. Be careful what you call advantage – Brazilians everywhere would have believed playing in their home country comes with home advantage. There is however a level of pounding that you will receive, that even home will become a disadvantage. It was a shame to be in the stadium. It brings to recollection the verse of scripture – Except the Lord builds the house, the laborers labor in vain, and except the Lord watches the house, the security guards stay awake in vain. In the final summary, the only advantage you can really have is – Emmanuel (God with us)

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5 Days of Grace – Use it!

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information highway

Information travels slowly, and even when the facts are in public space, it will take a while before everyone hears.

I am happy to announce to you, that after serious negotiations with the international company, we have been able to get 5 days more of grace to ensure we help our team members upgrade to club 2. You may not appreciate the value of these 5 days if you miss it! June 6, and it’s batch 1.

If you are not in club 2, then you missed out of one of the greatest trends of the future, and you lost out of your opportunity to have a good position and placement in the things that are inevitable and yet to come! If you haven’t really benefited from A2W, then you should now!

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What is Wrong With Forever!

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I got involved with Forever living products in the year 2001. It was marketed as a great extra income opportunity to me, and I hurriedly got involved together with my fiancée then, now my wife. We went for an opportunity seminar, and seem quite convinced it was a good opportunity. If you count the years well, that was 13yrs ago.


I dropped out of the business after less than 4 months. The background scenarios surrounding why we left were quite unforgettable and painful. We left making up our minds, not to touch forever living products forever!


Before you jump into conclusions however,

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